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I recommend Justin Martin and Iron Will Fitness to everyone! I was afraid of the gym environment, not being able to complete a workout, working out next to super fit people, and committing to a fitness routine. Justin makes you feel comfortable, helps with your personal goals and diet, and teaches you how to properly workout. Best Trainer in Lexington!

Trista Myrick - 30

(Pictured above 6 month and one year transformations)

When I first wanted to get into lifting weights I was barely a novice, having not done any significant weight training before in my life. I had dropped 20 pounds from eating healthy but I wanted more. I signed up to train with Justin in the winter of 2014 and from there I had put on over 20 pounds of muscle in about a year with his guidance with my training and diet.
Brandon Drury - 20
My name is Dari Coburn, and I have been training with Justin Martin for a year and a half. I had never been in an exercise program, but Justin made me feel comfortable and assured me of results. With Justin’s expertise in exercise and weight training, diet and nutrition, and caring motivation, results came. I have seen a weight loss of 30 lbs, increase of lean muscle, a reduction of high blood pressure and cholesterol medications, lower blood sugar levels and increased energy and stamina. My doctor is excited about the new healthier me. Whatever your goal is for a healthier you, Justin dedicates himself to help you achieve, and the results come.
Dari Coburn - 63

I was 35 years old, chronically exhausted, stressed, and overweight. I barely had the energy to get through the day. I decided to make a change and was referred by a friend to Justin at Iron Will. I had decided to work with a trainer to ensure that I was getting the most out of my workouts and prevent injury. I began working with Justin twice a week and working out one day a week on my own with exercises that Justin gave me to do. Justin helped me determine my nutrition needs so that I could lose weight without feeling deprived. In 10 months I lost 110 pounds and went from a size 20/22 to a size 2. I have lots of energy and people who haven’t seen me in a long time often do not recognize me. I had exercised and lost weight in the past, but I can say that working with Justin made all the difference in helping me reach and surpass my fitness goals. If your health and fitness isn’t worth the time and investment, then what is?


Trista Myrick - 30

I’m a 60 year old woman that had been active and worked hard all my life even thru injuries. I had a car wreck in 1992 that caused me problems from my neck down my back and thru my arms. I also had fallen 3 yrs ago and twisted my knee and it was still giving me pain. I have also fallen and let’s see….torn my Achilles’ tendon, fallen on my shoulder, twisted my other knee this winter and I have arthritis. I started training with Justin a year ago and could not do a lot, but he has helped me exercise correctly and strengthen my muscles, bring back my flexibility and stamina. He also has encouraged me with my diet and I am losing weight slowly but consistently and keeping it off with a better mind set thanks to Justin. I know there is more to do, but with Justin’s workouts and encouragement I’m going to grow younger and stronger no matter what my age.
Nita Etebar - 60
Jason Irvin is a personal trainer that is super conscious of health, proper technique and what’s best for each individual, youth and adult, no matter what your fitness level is. His non intimidating passion for and knowledge of personal training has made him a mentor to our teenagers. The camaraderie that has developed between our teenage son and daughter and Jason motivates them to push themselves. Not only has he increased their athletic ability, but THEY see the results of what their workouts achieve. Every session is different which keeps it interesting. You never know what to expect, except to get better. Whether you are looking to improve you health and fitness or increase you athletic ability, Jason can tailor fit a workout for you that will never be boring. If you commit the time and energy. You will see results. He has a passion to see you get better no matter where you are at and what YOUR goal is.
Ginger Lammers
Iron Will has been a wonderful gym experience. I was intimidated by strength training but the environment here is friendly and welcoming. The workouts are tough but accessible and I feel stronger every week. Justin is always professional and personable and is focused on my success. You should give it a try!
Brittany Dale Lippert
My son has been working out with Jason Irvin for about a year and a half. Jason is a great trainer; Luke is always tired after the workouts but wants to go back. We can all see the difference that the training is making. Great trainer and nice facility!
Jenny Miles
I’ve been training at Iron Will Fitness for just under a year. I highly recommend personal trainer Jason Irvin if you are looking for a customized training and one-on-one workouts. FIVE STARS!
Nick Byarlay