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Why Keto Didn’t Work For You


You did Keto for 3 months and dropped 25-30 lbs so you could feel comfortable in your swimwear. Seemed awesome, I mean with those kinds of results who wouldn’t be happy? That all- inclusive beach vacation was awesome too minus that sunburn on top of your head. Breakfast bar every morning, jerk chicken grilled on the beach and a strawberry daiquiri waiting for you every 20 feet from the lobby bar, beach bar, restaurant bar, floating swimming pool bar and gorgeous nighttime terrace bar with the cool wind from the waves hitting your face.

Keto went out the window fast didn’t it? And that 7 day vacation turned into a 15 lbs on the stomach vacation. Gained HALF of that weight back in one week and then you got home and it only ballooned from there.

By the way, if this seems far fetched, I assure you it HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. I see it almost every year from at least one person I train. Been there myself actually. Did Keto for about 5 straight summers and made myself MISERABLE all spring and summer just to enjoy a 5-7 day trip.

Exclusionary diets can be great for short term weight loss. If it’s something you can stick with they can be great at keeping you lean. This ain’t a ‘Hate on Keto’ rant, it works for great for a small group of people. But what about the 95% of us who can’t realistically eat like this for life?

Yu know what happens, you eventually go back to ‘normal eating’ because again only a very small amount of people can actually follow through with a low carb diet. Even if you don’t gain it all back in a week from a vacation it slowly starts to creep back as you introduce those foods back into your diet.

Instead of “dieting” why not eat in a caloric deficit, using the 80:20 method? As in 80% healthy and eating the other foods you crave 20% of the time. Where nothing is off limits, you just know when to schedule that time for those reward meals and how much to eat and not have it effect your goals.


As it just so happens, that’s exactly what I’ll teach you in Project Iron, my 14 week online or in-person transformation program where I train busy people who don’t have time to worry about this stuff to get lean

  • without giving up the food they love the most
  • without making them give up carbs
  • without making them give up alcohol
  • and can officially eradicate the word ‘diet’ from their vocabulary

Want to join? Contact me today.

Justin “Jamaica Mon” Martin

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