Small Group Fitness Classes

  • 45-50 minutes classes
  • 8 people or fewer
  • Circuit style workouts
  • Intensity of class based on age and level of fitness
  • Workout with your friends!

The smaller class size will allow clients to develop stronger bonds with other members of their class as well as their trainer. When a person who does not have the motivation for exercise or the education in body mechanics works out with people who can empathize with their struggles, it creates a trust in the instructor as well as develops friendships with people of similar backgrounds. It also creates a fun way for people who love fitness to workout with their friends in a fun environment.

Personal Training

  • 45-50 min workout
  • one-on-one class with Personal Trainer
  • personal-goal oriented
  • rehabilitate damaged muscle

Are you intimidated by the gym or group class setting?  Do you have personal goals that you want to focus on without the distraction of other people?  Personal Training may be for you.

Private Group Personal Training

  • 45-50 min workout classes
  • 2-3 people
  • Friends, family, or teammates who want to workout and be trained in private setting
  • Personal Goal oriented (see personal training)


  • 30 min workout classes
  • early morning
  • increase heart rate
  • burn fat
  • blast the core
  • body weight workouts

Try Out a Class

Want to try a class out before making a commitment? You can try us out to see if we are a good fit for you. Call to schedule a FREE orientation and group fitness workout class today!  All fitness levels are welcome!


Iron Will’s functional exercise workouts are taught through the use of dumbells, kettlebells, cables, resistance bands, battle ropes, TRX suspension bands, tires, sleds, sledgehammers, and multi functional machines.

Combo Sessions

Any combination of Group, PT, and BC class purchases are permissible

Start a Class!

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(COVID-19) Got You Stuck at Home?

Don't let your health take a back seat during this downtime.

Keep your immune system strong by getting in shape with out online digital workouts!

Iron Will Fitness Studio is FINALLY Offering online Coaching and Personal Training!

  • Weekly workouts sent to you via email
  • Video Instruction included
  • Access to our Meal Planning Software
  • Body weight and Home Gym Plans Available

CLICK HERE for details or call or text Justin at 502-220-1975 to get started!