Personal Training

At Iron Will Fitness Studio private one-one-one personal training sessions as well as group personal training is offered.  Personal Training is for clients who would rather work out in a private setting without the distraction of other people around.  This could be due to many different reasons.  

Why Should you hire a Personal Trainer?

 If you are new to fitness and are not sure where to start, personal training may be the best option for you.  You may want to begin with personal training if you:

  1. Need help setting achievable goals
  2. Have never participated in resistance exercise
  3. Need to rehab a muscle
  4. Are intimidated or annoyed by big gym or health club atmosphere
  5. Would like to learn the proper form and techniques of wieght lifting
  6. Have hit a plateau in your current workout program and need to switch up routine
  7. Need accountability
  8. Are schedule oriented by nature (do not trust yourself to workout unless exercise is scheduled)
  9. Are wanting to train for a specific fitness goal (fat loss, muscle gain, endurance, 5k, marathon, fitness competition, athletics, etc.)
  10. Need a spotter for safety purposes due to wanting to train with heavy weights

At Iron Will Fitness Studio personal training sessions are taught by a nationally accredited and certified personal trainer.  Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Justin Martin has worked with countless clients with numerous backgrounds and limitations, and helped them acheive their personal fitness and dietary goals.  At Iron Will Fitness Studio personal training sessions are:    

  • 45-50 mins
  • One-on-one private personal training offered
  • Group personal training offered (2 or 3 friends or family members with similar goals)
  • Entire studio to yourself and your trainer
  • Personal goal oriented
  • build muscle
  • lose weight
  • improve cardiovascular endurance
  • improve sports performance
  • rehabilitate damaged muscles

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(COVID-19) Got You Stuck at Home?

Don't let your health take a back seat during this downtime.

Keep your immune system strong by getting in shape with out online digital workouts!

Iron Will Fitness Studio is FINALLY Offering online Coaching and Personal Training!

  • Weekly workouts sent to you via email
  • Video Instruction included
  • Access to our Meal Planning Software
  • Body weight and Home Gym Plans Available

CLICK HERE for details or call or text Justin at 502-220-1975 to get started!