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Online Personal Training

Workout from the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

Online Training is done from our True Coach app which is compatible with both iPhone and Android. The workouts have instructional videos and tutorials for each exercise. The training session is not live, but the videos are very detailed so that all levels can perform the workouts.


The workouts are full body workouts that last approximately 45-50 minutes and there are 3-4 weekly. You can track your progress by typing in metrics such as weight used, reps, time, etc in the  app.  You can also leave comments and questions for Justin to review and communicate with directly him on the app.



We offer plans for limited equipment that can be performed from home with body weight, resistance bands, weighted sandbag or backpack, pull-up bar (optional), TRX (optional)


We also offer plans for people with access to free weight equipment such as dumbbells, barbell, TRX, Bands, Medicine Balls, etc


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