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Early Bird Gets the Worm


Not a morning person? Hit the snooze 10 times every morning to wake up? I totally get it, my friend. I used to do the SAME THING. But several years ago when I was trying to get my foot in the door with this whole fitness game I worked at a gym and opened EVERYDAY at 5am.

If I wasn’t there and opening the doors, turning on the lights by 4:45 members would literally pace in front of the door. Some would cuss me under their breath as I walked up even though the sign on the door said “Hours 5am-10pm”. Such a pleasant group of people, dedicated though I must say.

But see, I was also the Head Trainer and Personal Training Director at said gym back then too. It was a lot of responsibility for a 23/24 year- old who didn’t know his head from his arse (still don’t some will claim). So, on top of being at work so early, I didn’t leave most nights until 6:30 or 7.

You can put your tiny violin away now. The early hours and long work shifts instilled something in me that carried over to today…

The importance of a MORNING ROUTINE

Opening a gym half asleep most days I would workout and make exercise plans to stay awake. It’s then when I really fell in love with the early morning workout.  I mean, to just go on and get it over with early.

You know, at that time of day I knew I wasn’t going to get distracted by work, texts, emails, etc? Heck my boss didn’t even get there most days til 9 or 10. It also felt like working out that early got my mind geared up for what the workday was going to bring. I designed hundreds of workout plans then too.

The point? 

If your excuse right now is “I just don’t have the time ..” allow me to STRONGLY suggest early morning workouts …

You know …
before the kids wake up…
before the emails start to roll in…
before the boss is overloading your day with more responsibilities… 
before the honey-do list …
Before your brain has the chance to come up with the reasons why you don’t have time today!
And before you say … “but Justin, I can’t wake up any earlier than I already do …”

Let me ask you if this sounds familiar …

  • Do you have to sleep in til the very last second because you’re always exhausted? 
  • The very last second … except with just enough time to make it to Starbucks because you need your pumpkin cappuccino with 2 shots espresso so you can have the energy to make it through the workday?
  • And when you get to work breakfast is going to be a donut because you don’t have time to wake up early and make a healthy breakfast with complex carbohydrates, protein and fiber to give you energy and keep you full?
  • And then that and a few other sugar highs give you just enough energy to make it home after work and then mentally and physically you are DONE for the day so the thought of working out after work is OUT OF THE QUESTION?

Sound familiar? If so, I CANNOT stress enough the benefits of a morning routine. Something that will give you focus and energy to tackle your day and have energy left over for your family after work. If it’s not lifting weights maybe it could be meditation or stretching or walking.

You WILL get more natural energy, focus, and clarity to tackle your day with a morning routine. And those ‘feel good’ endorphins will send signals to your brain to start the day with ENTHUSIASM. MAKING YOU INSANELY PRODUCTIVE. You can start the day already having a “good day”

Looking for a program that can give you a great morning routine? Contact me and I’ll get you the details.

– Justin ‘Early Bird’ Martin


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