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20 Ways to Get Lean and Stay Lean

Struggling to get lean? I get it dude, the grind of everyday life can be ruthless to a body. It can get downright stressful trying to find the right program for you. At least that’s the way it was for me. You’ve got all the so-called “experts” who say all you need to do is […]

Ghost of Christmas Past

Let’s look at Charles Dicken’s Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge was visited by three ghosts to help him see the error of his ways, so he could fix them BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE. The first ghost we need to confront to help us overcome our bad habits. The Ghost of Christmas Past. Now this spirit was […]

You’re too Expensive…Really

I’ve sat down with a couple people recently AND had a few phone consults about my programs with a couple people who say they want to work on their body, their nutrition, their mindset, and overall wellbeing and breaking BAD HABITS. “Justin, I’d love to work with you in Project Iron, but you’re a little too […]

Why Keto Didn’t Work For You

You did Keto for 3 months and dropped 25-30 lbs so you could feel comfortable in your swimwear. Seemed awesome, I mean with those kinds of results who wouldn’t be happy? That all- inclusive beach vacation was awesome too minus that sunburn on top of your head. Breakfast bar every morning, jerk chicken grilled on […]

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Not a morning person? Hit the snooze 10 times every morning to wake up? I totally get it, my friend. I used to do the SAME THING. But several years ago when I was trying to get my foot in the door with this whole fitness game I worked at a gym and opened EVERYDAY […]

COVID Updates

May 1st, 2021: We’re fully operational with zero restrictions! Come on in! Note: We are still training clients digitally and will be doing that for anyone wanting that service as an ongoing service from here on out.