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Meet Beth!

Recently Retired after 26 years as a Registered Dietician Nutritionist with Good Foods Co-op in Lexington, Beth's interest in health and nutrition did not likewise "retire."  She is working with Iron Will Fitness Studio teaching nutrition classes periodically and is also available for individual consults for health improvement and weight control.  Beth is the author of The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition.  For more information about the book and Beth visit her website at www.PerfectlyWholeFoods.com  



BLOOD SUGAR, APPETITE, & CRAVINGS CONTROL - an unsolicited letter:

...The education I learned from this book (The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition by Beth Loiselle) has helped me so much in controlling my appetite...I am totally amazed at how my cravings have diminished. I can remain calm throughout the day. I no longer have the sugar highs and lows. When I get hungry, it's a manageable hunger. I'm not starved. I can't say enough about how good I feel and how excited I am about my new eating habits.  P.A., NY



FEELING BETTER & WEIGHT LOSS: From a satisfied follower of The Healing Power of Whole Foods book:

I just can't believe how much better I'm feeling now that I've followed your book for less than a month. And I thought I was already making good food choices! As a side benefit of whole foods, I've begun to lose weight! Needless to say, I'm thrilled!    J.T., Lexington, KY


Beth Offers these Services and More

  • Private Consults, Price Individually or Bundled
  • Low Cost and Free Educational Seminars and Demos
  • Quality Dietart Supplements-10% Discount
  • The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition book-10% Discount

Beth Loiselle, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Healthways Nutrition

Author of The Healing Power of Whole Foods, Revised 2nd Edition
Nutrition Consults in person or via Skype for Improved Health & Weight Control - please email for details